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The end of the world has come and gone; the Chosen have been taken to Heaven. But stories remain to be told about those who were left behind.



This is a collaborate role-playing / writing project, set in the world of Wane - a post-apocalyptic future Earth. Click the preceding link for additional world background information.

This project is approved-writers-only at the present time. If you're interested in contributing, by all means drop relevance a line.

All material published here is the copyrighted work of its creator(s). Reproduction elsewhere without explicit permission is prohibited.

Each character's entries are recorded chronologically in the Memories. The following [lightweight, narrative] system is being used for this project:

System: Active Characters

Each player may have any number of characters active at any given time - even zero. A character is considered to be "inactive", and thus fair game for anyone to use, if no introductory post has been made for that character. Introductory posts should always be titled "Charactername: Introduction". They don't have to be the first post that uses the character, but they should define the character in some important way, and set the tone for his story arc.

Once you have a character active, that character's name will appear next to your LiveJournal username on the community's Info page. Other players shouldn't use your active characters in their own writings without asking your permission first, or at least running the writing by you before posting it. In many cases, it is easiest to hash out dialog between two active characters in AIM or another chat program, since threads of LiveJournal comments can be difficult to manage. This is at the discretion of the writers, however.

You may make a character inactive by titling a post "Charactername: Conclusion".

System: Words

relevance: escape (also here), shame, sin, nightmare, vengeance, despair, betrayal, trust, name, shadow, death (also here), struggle, disintegration, image, transformation, envision, seeking, rememberance, madness, temptation, disaster, justice, light, distance, hunted, failure, trap, hunt, freefall
mrzero: [no Words claimed]
greywords: flatlined, artful, scar, adrenaline, initiate, captive, darkness, forbidden, inferno, flight, enslave, possession, construct, futility, purity, desperation
mazarin: awakening
marcus_sez_vote: memory

Whenever you post a piece of writing to the waningworld community, you may claim an as-yet-untaken Word by adding a comment to the post to that effect. If two or more players have collaborated to create a single post, only the player who edited and uploaded the entry to the community may claim a word - however, any other co-authors may start a comment thread on that post only as explained below, using any unclaimed Word at no "cost".

After you have claimed a Word, you may use the Word once to start a comment thread on someone else's post for an active character, in which you may elaborate upon their writing or add something to it. The title of the comment should include the Word, and the content should relate in some way to the meaning of the Word.

You can always post questions or requests in response to other players' posts. It's only when you want to interact directly with the story of an active (i.e. introduced) character that a Word (or, in odd cases, the player's approval) is required. When a Word is used to begin a thread of comments, it is expended and "freed". Anyone, including the character who used it in the comment, may then claim the Word in the normal way, by making a new post.

Note that once a thread has been started using a Word, anyone may contribute to it... but their posts, too, should be governed by the initiating Word.